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Welcome to The Hot Shot Group


Who is "Flavoured Syrups and The Hot Shot Group?

The Hot Shot Group is a Marketing and Distribution company, supplying coffee and syrup across Queensland, Australia and the World, in Cafes, Restuarants and Bars and now avalaible in your home. Established in 2012, this one man band has taken off and is now looking at taking on the giants of the coffee and syrup world, with our unbeatable taste, look and yield, we need you to join us, by speading the word, sharing our product and enjoying life with us.  

We bring our coffee and syrups to you via party plan, the web, local cafes, events and festivals, through our philosphy of taste and see. We want you to experience the real flavour of our products before you buy.

 "Because we believe that you deserve a superior drinking experience every time you feel thirsty".

 At the Hot Shot Group, we realise thar you only get one shot at life, and how you live it is up to you. As for us, we believe in creating as many reasons to celebrate life as possible, and one of the best ways to do that is to have a party, so, if you're a guest or a host, we know you will enjoy celebrating with us and our products.

For more information about us and our company, have a look around our site, google, you tube or facebook search, "The Hot Shot Guy" or 'The Hot Shot Group" to see what we have been up to since our launch until the present day.

Come and join us as we try and conquer the coffee and syrup world, with our products and your support, everyone can win. HSG- "One shot and you wont stop".  


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